SHIPPING CARS Shipping cars, international removal If you are thinking of taking your car with you there are several ways we can ship it for you. 1) The car can be shipped in a sole use container. Your car will be secured within the container with strapping and straps to stop any movement during the transit. 2) The car can be shipped by trailer. 3) The car can be shipped in a container with your Household Effects. Note: your gas tank should have only about 1/4 tank. Your car should be clean. Turn off any alarm systems, and make sure that the driver has the keys to be able to disarm and/or move the car when needed. We insure the shipping of car for value 50000 euro. Our company can help you with un-registration of your car in traffic police (GIBDD) in Moscow. So please advise us of the make and model of your vehicle and your destination address and we’ll be pleased to send you a quotation plus any information we have on file. Call us and we’ll ship your car! Also we offer: International removal and provide Fine Arts, Antiques shipping.