International removals International removals worlwide LoveJoy Moving is experts in overseas removals. Wherever you're moving, we will ensure your belongings are delivered on time and in perfect condition. Our consultants will plan everything for you, from export packing, collection, international removals by sea, international removals by air or international removals by road to final delivery, unpacking and setting up in your new home overseas.   International removals consist of next steps:
    Origin services:
    Supply of packing materials
  • Export packing of your goods
  • Loading on truck/container
  • Delivery to our warehouse (if necessary)
  • Export customs clearance
  • By sea
  • By road
  • By air
    Destination services:
  • Pick up at port/airport/customs terminal
  • Import customs clearance
  • Delivery to the client’s residence
  • Unloading, unpacking
  • Setting up of furniture
  • Removal of used packing material
    We will ensure:
  • China and breakables will be separately wrapped in paper or bubble, and packed into special china cartons.
  • Books, CDs and files will be wrapped and packed into smaller cartons, ensuring the load is not too heavy for the carton.
  • Clothing will be transferred on their existing hangers either into upright wardrobe cartons.
  • Lampshades and pictures will be placed into cartons made specifically for maximum protection of delicate items.
  • All antiques and polished furniture will have the added protection of a cardboard layer over the export blanket.
  • Wood crates will be specifically built for fragile items.
  • LoveJoy Moving can provide a ‘Door to Door’ service. If a ‘Door to Door’ service is requested we can arrange for your goods to be delivered to port, shipped and picked up from port and delivered right to your door. If you prefer we can arrange “Door-to-Airport/Port” or “Port-to-Port” service. We can even provide you only with packing of your personal effects. We can provide you with storage services in Moscow and all over the World. Just call us! We advise you better way of shipping and arrange a free, no obligation removal survey, so that you may be supplied with a complete accurate quotation. PROHIBITED ITEMS PACKING MATERIAL
    International removals worlwide
    Also we provide: Fine Arts, Antiques shipping and Shipping cars.