PACKING MATERIAL All boxes are made from 5-layers cardboard.
Linen box (Large box) Packing material - box for clothes, linen and e.t.c Box is useful in most situations: for clothes, linen and so on. 500х500х600 mm Price:  150 rub. Books box (Small box) books, small items and so. Small heavy items and electronic appliances are safe in this box. 400х400х400 mm Price:  150 rub. Archival box (Medium box) Packing material - box for documentation. Archival box – for transportation of the working documentation. 600х400х400 mm Price:  150 rub. Wardrobe box Packing material - Wardrobe box Wardrobe box supplied with a hanging rail. The hinged door & extremely strong construction and means these can be used as temporary wardrobes if necessary. 61 x 51 x 122cm Price:  700 rub.
Also we provide: International removals, office removal, Fine Art, antiques shipping and shipping cars.